Connect a Source

A guide on how to ingest real-time events from any cloud app, database, warehouse, server or existing streaming service


Once you've received a provisioned Cloud Account for your team, you'll get access to an Event Sandbox instance, which you can access using our intuitive developer dashboard. This is the low-code, visual experience of the event orchestration engine.

Create a Source Connection

Get started by establishing a connection to a source of events. To add a Source using the Developer Dashboard, simply follow these steps:
Step 1: Click the Sources tab of the dashboard
Step 2: Click the + New button
Step 3: Select an available Source from the catalog or use the Webhook option
Step 4: Add your Connection credentials
Step 5: Test your Connection
You can test your connection credentials to make sure it will connect successfully before attempting to connect permanently.
Step 6: Click Connect
That's it! Your data Source is now connected.

Set your Event Subscriptions

You're able to configure the exact events you'd like to ingest for each source you connect using Event Subscriptions. This is a cost-control feature to ensure you're not billed for events you have no intention of actioning.
To configure your subscription:
Step 1: Go to the Sources tab of the Developer Dashboard
Step 2: Click on an existing Source to open it
Step 3: Click the Setup tab
Step 4: In the Manage Subscriptions section, select the event types you'd like to collect
Step 5: Click Subscribe
You can also Stream Events programmatically using Event's Node.js SDK

View Live Events

Once your Connection is live and subscription is configured, you'll start to ingest events in real-time according to your settings. You can view a full list of successfully ingested events in the Live Events tab.

View Event Body & Headers

Step 1: Click an acknowledged event from the Live Events table
Step 2: Click the Body and Headers tabs to view the full event details