Welcome to Event

Event's data orchestrator gives developers the workflows and infrastructure to reliably deliver data anywhere. Instant connectivity in real-time by default.


Event is an end-to-end data delivery platform for developers that allows you to create and deploy real-time, bi-directional and fully self-orchestrated data pipelines between any backend service.
Pipelines can be deployed in minutes between hundreds of services with a only few lines of code or a few clicks in our dashboard. In essence, it lets you establish instant communication between cloud apps, databases, warehouses, existing stream tools, internal services and file systems.
The kicker? Event guarantees delivery using things like automated retries and elastic infrastructure to handle any spikes in volume, back pressure from downstream APIs and other unexpected failures.

Core Features

Four extremely powerful features plus a catalog of 50+ native integrations empower you to get back to building core applications, instead of writing and maintaining complex orchestration logic and endless integration code (we know you hate that). The core features are:
  1. 1.
    Stream: ingest event data from anywhere without having to write custom integration code
  2. 2.
    Orchestrate: filter, enrich, transform, retry and deliver events to any destination in real-time
  3. 3.
    Monitor: Query immutable transaction history and event logs for ultimate visibility
  4. 4.
    Replay (coming soon): Recover from failures and build new application states from old events

Elegantly Scale with Event

In software development, handling scalability is a critical aspect, especially when dealing with real-time event pipelines. Event addresses this concern elegantly through its fully-managed cloud service. Once you've created your pipeline, its underlying infrastructure is handled by Event. This means that as your event volume grows, the service elastically scales to meet your demands, without any manual intervention on your part.
This is a game-changer, particularly during high traffic periods. You don't have to worry about scaling up servers or databases manually to accommodate an increase in traffic or scaling down during quieter periods. The managed service takes care of this seamlessly. By abstracting the scaling aspect, you can focus more on developing your application and less on managing infrastructure. This level of scalability and efficiency without sacrificing flexibility is one of the key benefits of using Event for your real-time event pipeline management.

Use Cases

The possibilities are endless with Event. The most common use cases traditionally fall within the following categories:
  • Increase developer agility
  • Monitor and audit applications
  • Extend functionality with SaaS integrations
  • Sync your data stack in real-time